What Are the Different Methods to Clear Land?

Land Clearing Forester Tips

Welcome to our land clearing forester tips blog. So let’s begin. Land clearing can often involve removing trees and brush from a piece of land. And depending on the size, location, and purpose of said land, the excavation will often call for professional equipment. Pushover, cut and grind, and burning is considered the 3 most common methods used in land clearing.

The pushover method involves using major construction equipment. The trees will literally be pushed over and removed with their roots intact. Once moved, they will usually be processed for sale or ground to use as mulch.

The cut and grind method starts with the cutting down of trees. These trees will sometimes be moved to a processing location, however, the stumps are left behind still in the ground. These stumps can either be ground into mulch or pulled out with a large piece of construction machinery.

Using a controlled burn is considered one of the most dangerous methods. Burning means starting a controlled fire and keeping it going until all trees and brush is gone. Once the fires have been put out, the land will then be cleared using either a bulldozer or other piece of heavy equipment.

While some of the smaller plots of land can be cleared without using a land clearing forester, the larger plots will be much harder to clear without a crew of specialists. This crew will be trained in the fastest and most effective method to clear land. And they are also more likely to be trained in what all the local laws and regulations are with regards to land clearing.

Another option is to sell the timber on the land. When the timber is sold, some timber companies will bring in a team in and some equipment to clear the land at no cost to the owner.

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